Need mvBase support or programming?


If your company or organization is running mvBASEtm and you need support or programming you have found it.


Our company, Advantage Solutions, has been working with mvBASEtm since it became available.  We were one of the first companies to adopt mvBASEtm and have all of our clients running on mvBASEtm.


If you need on-going support for your existing mvBASEtm applications we can help.  We are familiar with installation, administration, connectivity, and programming.  We are capable of supporting and modifying existing applications (providing you have source code), or we can build new applications or reports.  We can help you integrate your mvBASEtm data with Excel, Word, or your Web Site.  We can help you get the most out of mvTerm, ViaDuct or other terminal emulators.


We can provide support remotely or if necessary come on-site at competitive rates. 


Contact us to help you keep your system running smoothly.