Advantage Solutions, Inc.

Advantage Solutions, Inc. has been creating and supporting software since 1980.†† We have been working with mvBase since it became available and with its predecessorís for years before that. We have worked with a wide variety of companies and organizations in the following types of industries:

Blood Bank






Fund Accounting

Medical Billing


Fund Raising

Office Supply


Supporting systems needs for over 20 years for many different types of organizations is why we have numerous programmed software modules available today and are constantly creating new modules to address the changing needs of our clients. Not only can you rely upon us to implement that new program, but chances are our staff has already implemented a similar solution for someone else.

We use mvBase on our own systems and program in it on a daily basis.We can help support your mvBase installation by providing support on usage of mvBase or your applications running on mvBase.

We can generally access your system remotely using various remote access programs.

We can help you interface your mvBase data with Excel, Word and the Web.

We are located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and have served clients across the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and other countries.