Programming Examples


*      Data Export to Excel

*      Data Export to Word

*      Mass Data Export

*      Automated Backup

*      Report Viewer

*      Job Streaming

*        mvBase Administration






Data Export to Excel



Data Export to



We have developed a capability to pull information from the database and format it into excel spreadsheets.  This allows you to view your data in an environment with all the calculation and sorting features of Excel available to you.


We have created utilities that allow data to be either exported from the database for manipulation within a spreadsheet, or imported from a spreadsheet into the financial database.


Applications for this utility in the past have included exporting current year financial data for manipulation to create budgets for the following year, and importing of manipulated data back into budget fields.


The utility can be interfaced with data basic programs to place data from complex reports directly into spreadsheets.


Text Box: GL.MSTR....... DESCRIPTION............. CYA.YTD.12      FUND BALANCE             406,844.33      REGULAR CHECKING         923,263.82      PENSION CLEARING               0.00      CASH CLEARING                  0.00      CAFETERIA CHECKING             0.00      COMPUTER UPGRADE CHECKING      0.00      GRANT CHECKING                 0.00      REFUND CHECKING           -4,317.70






















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Data Export to Word



Export to Word


Within mvBase we have

developed a tool that

will take system reports

and format them into

Word Documents.


This utility can be set up

to run any report in the

database directly to

Word, or format and

export it to Word from

our “Report Viewer” on-

screen viewing utility.

























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 Mass Data Export





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Automated mvBase Backup



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Report Viewer

On-screen Report Viewing


  Report Viewer


  Any report in the system

  can be run to a hold  

  queue and brought up

  for viewing using the

  report viewer.



  You can search the

  report for specified text,

  page through the report,

  or go directly to the top

  or bottom of the report.


  When printing the report

  you have the option of

  printing a single page, a

  page range or all pages.


  You can export the

  report in a DOS format

  and then choose to

  open it in either Word or


Text Box:                      ***  REPORT VIEWER  ***                              
U/D=page up/down              Left/Right or L/R = shift left/right     
  Home/End = begin/end of report  <Esc>  =  exit Report Viewer        
S = search;   C = left margin;  P = print;  X = Export file to DOS     
NAME................ CITY........... LST GIFT.. LST DATE                        
Smith,Diane          Belton              $10.00 01/15/06                        
Smith,Gordon L       Ft Lauderdale       $35.00 08/07/05                        
Smith,Anne H         Charlotte           $50.00 02/27/05                        
Smith,Annette        Conover             $25.00 05/12/04                        
Smith,Lorena         Pensacola            $5.00 03/06/06                        
Smith,Sara B         Birmingham         $500.00 07/25/05                        
Smith,Andrew E       Erie                $25.00 12/31/05                        
Smith,Alvin G        Greeley            $200.00 04/09/06






















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Job Stream Reporting



We have developed Job Stream Reporting as a way to run several reports with a

minimum of user input.  Month End duties often require the printing several

reports.  Our Job Stream can combine the running of multiple into a single

operation, where multiple reports can be set up to run in a single process with just

a few keystrokes.


This process has also been applied to create formerly printed reports as electronic

files in a spreadsheet format, with all of the benefits of spreadsheet calculation. 

The output is that shown in the Data Export to Excel section.  Users can log in to a

page set up specifically for them on the network and view all their reports on one

screen.  In addition to saving paper, this process puts archived reports at the

user’s fingertips.


Our Job Stream Reporting concept is a huge time-saver and can take the laborious

task of running and collating multiple paper reports a thing of the past.


















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mvBase Administration Support

In addition to creating software solutions we are capable of assisting you with your

mvBase administration and maintenance needs.


Some of the things we can assist you with are:


Increasing mvBase Disk Space

Setting up new Printers on the mvBase Workstation

Configuring Telnet Servers

Creating remote ViaDuct connections for on or off-site access to database

Archiving and Restoring accounts and data from Backup files

Spooler set up and maintenance



















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